Download 1001bit Tools for sketchup plugin

1001bit Tools for sketchup plugin - is a collection of shareware plugins (Ruby scripts) for Google Sketchup that are dedicated for architectural works.

With 1001bit Tools Standard version you could create parametric architectural elements (eg. staircases, windows, doors, roofs, louvres, floor joists...etc) within minutes.

With 1001bit Pro you can build even more architectural elements, plus there're a lot of useful editing tools.


Download 1001bit Tools for sketchup plugin

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  1. Replies
    1. salut, jaimerais avoir 1001 bit tools svp, je suis ingenieur architecte

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  3. how download sketchup plugin

  4. i tried but, it is not at all showing up the files in it,

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  6. wat shud i do after downloading file to plug it in plz help me

    1. Setting up 1001bit freeware is Easy! Simply follow the steps below and you're done!
      Step 1: Download 1001bit freeware (rbz file)
      Step 2: Start Sketchup (you need Sketchup 8 and later versions)
      Step 3: Go to menu 'Window'
      Step 4: Select 'Preferences'
      Step 5: Select 'Extensions'
      Step 6: Click on 'Install Extensions' button
      Step 7: Select the 1001bit_freeware_v1.0.x.rbz file that you've downloaded.
      Simply follow through the process...
      After setting up, you should see a notification that the extension has been successfully setup, along with the 1001bit toolbars.
      Enjoy and have fun!


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